Traveling With Kids

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Traveling With Toddler Checklist

Travelling with toddlers can be tiring, especially if you are not prepared beforehand. You will need to carry double the things you used to when your child was an infant. There would be an increase in toys, food and other essentials. Make sure you pack things that are absolutely needed. Make a checklist and start packing a day before you travel. To help you cope with the problems usually faced on the go here is a – traveling with toddler checklist.

* Extra clothes

While packing a bag for toddlers, make sure you carry extra clothing, just in case they get wet. This will save you from the extra trouble of drying the clothes if there is a spill. Always make them wear comfortable clothing, especially if you are travelling for long hours. Also, pack extra clothing for yourself.

* Snacks

Snacks are a great way to soothe your toddler when you are travelling. It not only keep themTraveling With Toddler (3) feeling full but also distracts them from the travel boredom. Carry low sugar cereals in separate air tight bowls to serve them occasionally. Dry fruits, small tetra packs of juices and boiled eggs can make great snacks. If you are flying with toddlers, check with your airlines about the food you can carry before packing.

* Toys

Small interesting toys are a great way to distract your child during long travelling hours. But make sure the toys does not distract your fellow passengers. Pack your child’s favourite toys that do no make a sound. Also, carry some colors, coloring books or an activity book to keep them engaged through the journey.

* Diapers

If your toddler still needs to wear a diaper, carry extra ones for your travel. If possible, buy better quality diapers that can be worn for long hours. Such extra absorbent diapers need to be changed less frequently and save your time and energy. Carry some wash clothes and baby wipes to clean your toddler whenever needed. Pack some plastic bags to store soiled diapers and wipes until you can dispose off them.

* Toiletries

Don’t forget to take cleaning essentials like toothpaste, baby shampoo, mild soaps, and hand sanitizers. These items will help you save time in finding them when you reach your destination. If you are travelling via flight, make sure to check with your airline about carrying liquids and gels. Most airlines will not allow you to carry a body lotion.

* Cups, bowls, and bottles

Toodles have a great attachment to their personal stuff. Carrying their usual cereal bowl, spoon, cup, and water bottles will reduce the uneasiness that is likely when you are out of your home. Use these items to calm your toddler and make him feel better.

* Blankets

Traveling With Toddler (2)Blankets are an essential item to carry for travel. It will help you soothe your toddler when sleeping or use it whenever needed.

Th above travelling with toddler checklist will help you pack the essential item generally needed by children of that age. Besides, do not forget to pack general medicines that your toddlers usually needs. Carry a first aid box so that you may handle any bruises and cuts with ease. Since toddlers get tired easily, don’t lose your temper if they suddenly start crying. Go for a short walk around or calm them with another toy to make your travel easy.