Salient BenefIts Of Enjoying Kayaking During Your Adventure

Has your doctor ever told you that you need to get outside more and carry out more physical exercise to improve your overall health? Or rather, are you a truly outdoors person who’s ready and eager to find out more about certain activities and why they are beneficial? Needless to say, you’ll appreciate the benefits of kayaking. The first and foremost benefits of kayaking is that it’s a health-related sport. It’s an aerobic activity which should be a key part of everyone’s weekly routine. Although some of its aspects require extra training and more practice, it’s easy to learn the basics of kayaking even in a day. But, despite kayaking’s short learning curve, it offers lifelong benefits. Here are some incredible benefits of kayaking:r5r6ytugjfdt

Advantages of kayaking

Shedding off weight

Losing weight os one of the major benefits of kayaking. Less intense kayaking can help you burn approximately 400 calories an hour when paddling at just 5mph. This translates to burning not less than 1,600 calories on an afternoon of kayaking. It’s true that this per hour rate is slightly lower than other forms of exercises like swimming or running, kayaking makes up for the deficit as it’s done for hours on ends. Very few people can run for more than an hour whereas kayakers head out for outings lasting several hours.

Stress and anxiety reduction

Getting outdoors can significantly help you reflect on your health. Rowing through the waters powered by your muscles, sampling nature pass by, is perhaps the best antidote to anxiety, a stressful job, adverse health problem, or other personal problems. Though kayaking requires less vigorous muscle movement, it’s a relaxing and rewarding physical activity. Try it for a few hours every week, and you’ll notice a sudden drop in your stress levels.

Supports cardiovascular health

Kayaking is an aerobic sport and can greatly enhance your heart health. Unknown to many people os the fact that their hearts demand exercise. Moreover, it’s the only muscle in the body that constantly works from conception to death. It craves for exercise and thus giving it what it craves only strengthens it. Continuous paddling involved that’s synonymous with kayaking increases the heart beat rate. Thus, kayaking can tremendously improve your cardiovascular health.

Leg toning

Undoubtedly, this is one of the major benefits of kayaking. It’s less intuitive and highly beneficial for the upper body muscle. However, it’s also rewarding to the legs which in most cases aren’t visible as many people prefer trousers. The legs are critical on kayaking as they are used to apply pressure, create balance and aids in maneuvering the kayak. Also, the legs help secure you in the kayak. As you kayak, you’ll need to tighten and loosen the leg muscles countless time. This increases the muscle strength over a period.

Vitamin D source

rhtyuygufydtThis may as well surprising many that kayaking is a source of vitamin D? No, not directly. The thing is, spending quite long hours outside come with immense benefits. Body’s intake of vitamin D significantly increases, and this has a positive effect. First and foremost, Vitamin D is one of the most difficult vitamins to get solely from food. Most or plenty of it can be obtained from the sun rays, approximately more than 80%. Sadly, most people are Vitamin D deficient. Getting out and hopping into a kayak and spending a couple of hours in the sun as you kayak can tremendously help you obtain this vital vitamin.