Beginner’s Guide To Online Visa Application

There are several steps that are taken in online application of a visa by beginners. The order of the steps to be followed may vary from one website to another, but all of them follow the same guidelines. It is important to consult before starting the application process so that you can be informed on which site to log into and the type of visa you should apply for.

A guide to online visa application

Log in the website

fdggffdgdgfdgThis is quite easy as long as the user has the right link or URL. Sometimes, the user is required first to create a profile which will be used to log into the consulate’s portal. On the website, there is a form that is divided into sections using tables or pages. The user should carefully read all the context of the form ad ensure that they have all the details and documents required in soft copy (scanned and saved)

Filling the forms

The forms given should be filled using correct information and the right documents attached. The applicant should make sure that they fill out all areas specified to avoid their application being rejected. Remember that the application is thoroughly verified by consulate officials to ensure that the information provided is 100% true. Some sections may require the applicant to attach photos. These photos are supposed to be of a particular size for them to fit in the spaced given.

Submitting the application

dfdsfsdfsdfsdfApplicants should proofread all their answers to make sure that they have given the right information. If everything is correct, they can proceed to print out the form if they might require a hard copy and then submit the forms. Some websites charge a certain amount of application processing fee. Paying for this fee is done using a credit or debit card from an eligible bank. The applicant ensures they have sufficient balance in their account to pay these charges.

The Interview

Some situations require the applicant to attend an interview at the consulate. The applicant must schedule for two interviews which will be conducted by an officer at the consulate. During the first interview, the applicant’s fingerprints and photograph (biometrics) will be taken to verify the information given. The applicant should also take their passport with them in both interviews.