Benefits Of Using A professional Guide During A Tour

Benefits Of Using A professional Guide During A Tour

Are you planning to take a tour either in your country or abroad? Well, there are numerous activities you can take while on a trip particularly the outdoor ones. However, every activity you take particularly in a foreign country will need a professional guide. Reputable outdoor activity centers usually recommend a package with a professional guide as it has many benefits.



fghfghgfhgfhgfhgfhProfessional tour guides are equipped with all the safety measures during your tour. One of their main focus is to maintain safety for the team at all times. When doing a fishing tour, the guide will show you on how to avoid being pulled back by the big fish, how to remain in safe positions all through the fishing tour. People who take unguided tours take a great safety risk which may end their tour in an unfortunate way.

They have local knowledge

One of the interests people have when they tour a place is to understand as much as possible about the place. Only professional tour guides can explain more about the areas and the features. Such local knowledge adds value to your tour especially the exploration tours on historic and cultural places. When hiring a guide for your tour, be sure they understand about the area and all you need to know. It is also good they have an education background to back-up the same.

They save time

The tour may have a limited time, and the team wants to achieve a lot within such time. You will be surprised to know that a guide saves as much as 50 percent of your time. This makes it worth to add the guide fee and achieve more during your tour. For the teams that do not want to use a guide, make sure you understand the areas or activity well to avoid wasting a lot of time.

They help solve problems

fdgdgdfgfdgdfgA professional guide is also the main problem solver during the tour. They are innovative to improvise when some of the gear has been forgotten. They undergo training to use locally available material and ideas and still make your tour a success. If the team members have a problem during the tour, they can also arbitrate without bias and give working solutions.

When planning your next tour either with the family or friends, make sure you include a guide fee to enjoy the above and more benefits.…

Various Parts Of A hotel That You Should Know

Various Parts Of A hotel That You Should Know

Hotels offer different services to their clients all focused on providing a ‘home away from home’ atmosphere. In fact, some of the hotels offer more than what you can get at home. The common users of a hotel including people on a vacation and business people do not mind paying a premium for five start services. So, when looking for hotels in fremantle wa, make sure that you check the following parts that make a good hotel.

Parts of a hotel that you should know


The primary purpose of any hotel ate the rooms. They constitute the bigger part of the establishment. Rooms have category depending on the class and comfort you need to be added. While the basic room is a standard, some hotels have very luxurious rooms like the deluxe and the presidential units. They also come in single, double and triple rooms depending on the occupancy. It is also possible to get the family rooms if in need of one.fghfghgfhgfhgfhgf

Restaurant and coffee shop

Almost all hotels have a restaurant where they provide meals to their clients. Depending on their location in the world they can offer a variety of cuisines. However, most of them offer continental or mixed standard cuisine in their main restaurant. They may have other specialty restaurants like Chinese, Italian or Indian just to mention but a few. Through their main restaurant, they can offer full board, half board or bed, and breakfast meal plan.


For people who like making merry in the evening or wind down with a drink, hotels do have at least one bar for this purpose. The themes of the bars may vary depending on the location. Some offer regular drinks which are either alcoholic or non-alcoholic. Cocktail bars are also popular in hotels. If a hotel has more than one bar, then you ought to choose the one you need well.

Fitness center

Some of the best fitness centers are found in hotels. They are well equipped both with facilities and experienced fitness tutors. They will suit clients who are staying in the hotel for more than a few days although they are ready to serve all people including non-resident clients.gfhfggfhgfhfghfgh

Beauty Spa

According to research, some people use these services only when they are on holiday. Therefore, it is a crucial part of a hotel. They offer massage service of different nature depending on the location and the theme. When it comes to other beauty therapies, you will also have an array of services to choose.…

Discover thailand’s top islands for diving and relaxation

Discover thailand’s top islands for diving and relaxation

Why should you visit?

Thailand’s beautiful islands have fast become top destinations for most travelers; whether they are looking for unique, off-the-beaten-track holiday adventure, or just seeking their own oasis of serenity. On every count, these gorgeous islands running along the Gulf of Thailand and scattered in the clear, turquoise-colored waters of Andaman Sea offer some of the most authentic beach experiences and dive sites.

Best seasons for diving

It’s always a good time to head to Thailand unless you are on a tight budget and trying to avoid the inflated prices during high tourist season. The entire island boasts an impressive variety of marine life throughout the year which includes extensive fish species, turtles, and reef or leopard sharks that are commonly encountered and the rarer manta rays and whale sharks better spotted between February and May.

So depending on what time of the year you decide to take that vacation, you can always decide between the two main diving zones on either the East Coast, with the islands on the Gulf or the Andaman Sea on the West Coast which both have alternate peak seasons for diving since their rainy seasons differ.

If visiting either of the excellent Similan Island Liveaboard and Surin Islands, Phuket, Koh Phi Phi or Koh Lanta on the Andaman Sea, visibility for a great diving experience is best from the months of November to April; on the other hand, if visiting Koh Tao, Koh Chang or Koh Samui on the Gulf of Thailand, the best time to visit for prime diving conditions is between May and August.

While the exceptional Similan Islands and its lesser-known sister island up north, are a tourist favorite, offering a spectacular diving experience, the best way to explore them is with Liveaboards which mostly depart from Phuket and Khao Lak.

Choosing an island

2222jhgfMost diving reviewers agree that depending on what you are looking for, whatever island you decide to visit in Thailand offers a great dive experience. Some dive spots are specifically known to be easier to spot certain marine species, and while not all coasts offer wrecks to explore, most are suitable for scuba diving and offer interesting viewings underwater.

A few things to note would be that

Andaman Sea offers more expansive coral reefs than the Gulf of Thailand, but they both have similar levels of visibility in same seasons.

As an effect of the Southwest Monsoon, the sea floor and coral reefs on the Andaman Sea (on the West Coast) are prone to rocky slopes going downward up to 10-30 meters.

On the East Coast, the Similan and Surin Islands, with their very diverse marine life making them a popular day-trip destination for Phuket visitors, also have rocky outcrops underlying their ocean floors with reefs going downward even deeper (up to 25- 30 meters)

Diving Safety in Thailand

As with any holiday destination, there is need to purchase travel insurance when planning a trip to Thailand, more so even when your upcoming trip is a dive trip. It is advisable to invest in scuba diving specific travel insurance that offers worldwide coverage in case of an accident.

3333iuytIt is also important while in Thailand, to book tours with companies not offering the cheapest rates, but quality service. You would be wise ask your hotel or check the Tripadvisor rankings for trusted companies before booking a trip!…

How To Make Money And Travel The World At The Same Time

How To Make Money And Travel The World At The Same Time (3)

Have you ever wondered if it’s possible for you to make money and travel the world at the same time?

This means you are going to earn a living doing something that you love and enjoy. It’s definitely possible. In fact, there are thousands of people today who pay for their adventures by earning money through their websites. Some of them even become popular to the point that they are able to attract sponsorship from major brands. In short, there’s money to be made in the travel industry and you can get a piece of it if you are willing to invest a significant amount of your time and resources.

How To Get Started

How To Make Money And Travel The World At The Same Time (1)The first thing you must do is make sure that you have all the things you need to travel. These include travel documents, a card that you can use to deposit and withdraw money, and a well-planned itinerary. Always keep in mind that you will be out of your home country for long periods of time. With that said, safety is something you should seriously consider. It’s highly recommended that you get a traveling partner to accompany you especially during your first adventures. Once you get used to the traveling lifestyle, you’ll be more confident going out on your own.

How To Make Money From Your Travels

When it comes to monetizing your adventures, you have several options to choose from. However, we’re going to discuss here two of your best options. One, you can set up your own travel blog or website then display advertisements. Two, you can approach major brands and ask for sponsorship. These techniques can be very lucrative if you are able to attract a lot of traffic to your website. The key to success in writing about your travels is to be productive and honest. The more content you publish in your travelogue, the more people you will attract. The more popular your website becomes, the more advertising and sponsorship money you can earn.

How To Make Money And Travel The World At The Same Time (2)

How To Write Effectively About Your Travels

If you really want to make money and travel the world, you have to polish your writing skills. There are literally thousands of travel websites out there. With that said, you have to find your own voice to differentiate yourself from the rest of the crowd. It’s best that you write in a personal and friendly style as if you are talking to someone who is just across the table from you. Do this often and sooner or later, you will be able to build an audience who will regularly read about your adventures.…

How To Become A Travel Agent From Home

How To Become A Travel Agent From Home (3)

If you are interested in building a career in the travel industry and become a home based travel agent, starting a home based customer service might just be the optimal solution.

Your new business could focus on guiding your customers through the best travel agencies selection process, or you could simply make money by doing the research yourself and book their reservations. There are also several available possibilities related to the way you will organize and carry your business. You could choose between booking and whipping into shape all kinds of travel for your customers or develop yourself in a specific niche.

Regardless of which way you decide to develop your business, you will have the possibility to make a living and help other people to enjoy their travelling endeavors at the same time.

Here are some guiding tips on how to start your own travel agency from home:

1. Before starting your own travel business, try to get some specific training. Taking a travel agent course will help you get acquainted with reservation software, types of booking and all the legal information about operating a travel agency.

How To Become A Travel Agent From Home (2)2. There are several options you can choose from: you can become an independent travel agent and build your agency from scratches, work as a referral agent or agree to work for a host agency. If you decide to work as a referral agent, you will become the link between the customer and the travel agency; you will work on commission and receive a referral fee for each new client you bring to the agency. Working with a host agency implies that you will be using exclusively the host agency’s connections for booking reservations for your customers. You will be working on commission and get paid for each new client who makes a booking. In exchange, if you decide to start your own travel agency, keep in mind that you will have to build up your own contacts list and negotiate your fees.

3. Evaluate which option suits you best: focus on a niche or promote all types of travel. Focusing on a specific niche, such as luxury cruises or romance travel, can sometimes be beneficial as it makes it easier for you to focus on specific customer needs and expectations. This strategy can also narrow the competitive range.

4. If you decide to start either an independent home based travel business or become a referral agent, you have to get in touch with other travel agencies and negotiate your contracts that must include your referral fees and commissions per booking.

5. If you are seeking the protection of an already deep-rooted agency, signing a contract with a host agency is probably the best option for you. You will rely on the host agency’s connections to do your booking. In such cases, your commissions from the provided agency will be split with the host company.

6. Despite the fact that not all travel companies require a CRS, if you decide to go solo and start an independent agency, it might be convenient for you to purchase a computer reservation system. This way you will have the possibility to work directly with travel service suppliers and make different types of reservations.

7. Create a business outline and make sure to take into consideration variables such as start-up expenses and possibilities to finance your business. Don’t forget to plan some strategy for finding new clients and keep your agency functioning until you actually start making a profit out of it.

How To Become A Travel Agent From Home (1)

8. Make sure you contact specialized agencies to provide you with all the necessary information about licenses and permits. Then you can go for starting a travel agency from home.

9. Become a member of the National Association of Commissioned Travel Agents and other similar travel associations. Being a member of these associations will not only improve your image as a home based travel agent, but it might also provide you with new training opportunities and new customers.…