TransferWise Review – Facts You Should Know

In the last few years, sending money abroad was a huge challenge. This is because it was something hard to afford. Fortunately, with companies such as TransferWise entering into the market, this has changed completely. Now you can get money to where you want without the need of paying high rates and exorbitant fees. When you compare transferwise vs paypal, you will realize that TransferWise is cheaper, convenient, and easy to use than the latter. However, the company was founded by two developers behind the creation of Skype and Paypal. The company has been operating since 2011.

Transfer of money should nottg2e6dyeu8i29o202o2 be difficult

The idea behind the creation of this company was to skip transfer of money between countries. Instead, to transfer money between people. In this way, they offer affordable fee and avoid charging customers hidden fees. You need to try it if you are used to PayPal or banks to transfer money. The following are some reasons to consider it.


As far as transferring money is concerned, you need a service that you can rely on. Fortunately, TransferWise is reliable. It is a certified company that has received a great reputation with several users across the world. Other than being reliable, they are honest with their fees and costs up-front. Each day, a lot of people use them to send money to family, friends, and even to their bank accounts for investment purposes. You can look at different reviews online to know how they operate.

What is the cost?

Just like other tg23e6dy3e7du28i92o02money transfer services, you need to know how much it costs to send and receive money. When you compare it to bank transfers, you will find it more affordable. Also, they have fixed rates and do not charge an extra commission for the currency exchange. Moreover, they only charge prevailing markets rates rather than inflated ones. Adding all these, you are bound to enjoy more savings, particularly if you are sending large amounts of money every month.

The process

Whether you are paying someone or sending money to your family, international money transfers are a necessity. The good thing is that the process is simple and carried online. You just need to type recipient’s bank account and yours. Then, add some information required. You will learn the amount to be paid. Thus, there are no hidden fees as you know what you should pay upfront.