The Top Five Holiday Destinations in Asia

The Top Five Holiday Destinations in Asia

Asia is the birthplace of some of the most ancient cultures in the world. From mega cities to remote islands, Asia Holiday Retreats offer a healthy dose of adventure, ancient traditions, and culture. A trip to Asia will rejuvenate your spirits, especially if you are spiritually inclined.

Five Best Holiday Destinations in Asia

5. Phuket Island

Phuket’s green hills, serene beaches, and turquoise waters make it stunningly beautiful. The crystal clear water off the coast has made ttrteteteehe island a favorite among divers and snorkelers. The Phuket Town located in the south-eastern part of the island houses many interesting monuments.

Some of the restaurants in the town area serve the most authentic Thai cuisine. You may also take a boat tour around the island to see the attractions like Koh Bond, Raja Noi, and Koh Kaeo.

4. Tokyo

This mega city is as fast-paced as cities come – with cars zooming along the streets, subway trains humming below the ground, and sea vessels cruising in and out. Full of bright lights and constant motion, Tokyo symbolizes progress.

Although modern in every respect, the city’s historical sites and museums are world-class. Tokyo has free attractions more than any other Asian city, and some of them include Meiji Shrine, Sensoji Temple, and the Imperial Palace.

3. Hong Kong

This formal British colony serves as an easy introduction to modern China. Hong Kong has a seemingly unending list of skyscrapers to admire, theme parks to explore, and mountains to climb. The colossal metropolis has a strong Western influence in its urban landscape, cuisine, and social practices.

2. Bangkok

This is perhaps the only city in the world where you will find ancient temples and modern skyscrapers in close vicinity. Bangkok’s hot climate and the persistent crowd may take a unprepared toll visitors, so research a bit about the city’s weather before planning a trip.

Two unforgettable attractions you will see here are the world’s biggest open-air market and a 150-foot Golden Buddha statue. The sheer variety of street foods available in the city overwhelms the first-time visitors. Bangkok is also known for its excellent shopping malls that sell goods for a dead cheap price.

1. Balieretertertete

Every year, millions of tourists flock to Bali thanks to its sandy beaches, diverse wildlife, ancient temples and luxury hotels. This island province also has a rugged interior perfect for nature lovers and adventure seekers. Plus, you can book accommodations for a very reasonable cost at various vacation rental properties and small hotels.

You may also book a magnificent private villa located close to the beach. From luxurious spa treatments and scrumptious cuisine to ancient temples, Bali is a complete tourist package.…